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The Renaissance Man

“He’s achieved nothing! Except a glorfied encyclopedia masquerading as a theme park!” Now this is more like it. After the somewhat average but still enjoyable “Destination Nerva”, “The Renaissance Man” supplies the listener with a much more interesting story, and

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Destination: Nerva

Tom Baker is playing the Doctor again!!! Do I need to write anything else? My favorite Doctor has always been the Fourth, and the one thing missing from some otherwise excellent Big Finish output was new stories featuring Tom Baker.

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Spare Parts

“Spare Parts” makes excellent use of Doctor Who lore to detail the end of a long road in which the last desperate inhabitants of the planet Mondas survive by losing their humanity and becoming the Cybermen. It’s one of my

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The second Big Finish Doctor Who production offers the rare combination of the Fifth Doctor and Turlough traveling together after they parted company with Tegan, but before the events of “Planet of Fire”. Mark Gatiss, who would later write several

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The Holy Terror

I approached this story with some apprehension. Its gained almost universal acclaim by the fans, or at least the ones that write reviews on Outpost Gallifrey. I’ve learned the hard way that such acclaim doesn’t always translate to a good

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