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The Holy Terror

I approached this story with some apprehension. Its gained almost universal acclaim by the fans, or at least the ones that write reviews on Outpost Gallifrey. I’ve learned the hard way that such acclaim doesn’t always translate to a good

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Trial of a Time Lord – The Ultimate Foe

“The Ultimate Foe” is a unique two-part story in that while it has its own plot, it exists primarily to wrap up the previous twelve episodes and cap off the entire Trial storyline. It succeeds, but the story definitely varies

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“Timelash” isn’t very good. It’s a lightweight, passable story hobbled by some poor acting, low-budget production values and some obvious scene padding due to the second episode running short. I’m not one to complain about scenes added purely to get

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The Mark of the Rani

“The Mark of the Rani” is a fun semi-historical that has two major things going for it. The first is that the story contains some genuine historical facts and a historical figure in the form of George Stephenson, prompting me

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The Twin Dilemma

Doctor Who goes from the high-quality storytelling of “Androzani” to a sadly far less stellar story with Colin Baker’s debut, “The Twin Dilemma”. This story is definitely one of the low points in the series history, which gives the unfortunate

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The Two Doctors

I used to enjoy this story far more than I do now. I still enjoy most of it, and it certainly contains an interesting plot, but the black humor and gruesome subject matter detract from an otherwise reasonably good storyline and make portions of the story simply uncomfortable to watch.

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