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Spare Parts

“Spare Parts” makes excellent use of Doctor Who lore to detail the end of a long road in which the last desperate inhabitants of the planet Mondas survive by losing their humanity and becoming the Cybermen. It’s one of my

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The second Big Finish Doctor Who production offers the rare combination of the Fifth Doctor and Turlough traveling together after they parted company with Tegan, but before the events of “Planet of Fire”. Mark Gatiss, who would later write several

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The King’s Demons

“The King’s Demons” is one of those rare two-part serials that turn up from time to time throughout Doctor Who. And the story certainly benefits from the shorter running time as the characters arrive, get involved in the situation, expose

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Resurrection of the Daleks

“Resurrection of the Daleks” is a bleak story, with a plot that doesn’t always hold together. Set in both a run-down warehouse in London in the present day and on a similarly run-down space station in the future, “Resurrection” details

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“Frontios” is a story that seems to be built around a single statement, made by one of the characters. Simply put, “the earth is hungry”. It’s a statement that carries a tinge of horror because it conjures up images of

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Time Crash

The first multi-Doctor story of the new series is short and sweet, and a lot of fun. Set in the final minutes of “The Last of the Time Lords” between Martha’s departure and the Titanic crashing through the wall of

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“Earthshock” was the story that finally made me root for Peter Davison’s fifth Doctor. After a fairly sedate season that I found bland and dull in the absence of Tom Baker, “Earthshock” livened things up at long last, and did

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“Castrovalva” picks up right where “Logopolis” left off, with the TARDIS crew struggling to get the Doctor to the TARDIS before they are caught by the Pharos project security. In many ways it almost seems that “Logopolis” and “Castrovalva” are

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Warriors of the Deep

In the years since it was first broadcast, “Warriors of the Deep” has come to be defined by two things: the brightly lit sets and the poorly-realized Myrka. Thanks to those two elements, along with some loose continuity, “Warriors” has

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