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The Green Death

The Green Death’ is a genuine Doctor Who classic. Aliens tend to invade Earth far too often to be believed in the Doctor Who universe (why would so many different races want to invade our one little planet?), but ‘The

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Planet of the Daleks

“Planet of the Daleks” tries very hard to revist the glory days of the early Dalek stories, or at least that’s the impression I get from watching it. While the plot may revisit old ground at times, in an anniversary

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Frontier in Space

For only the second time, the Master decides to try a scheme that doesn’t involve traveling to 20th century Earth in England. Cool. He ought to have tried it more often, since without the Doctor around early on to stop

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The Three Doctors

When I first discovered Outpost Gallifrey’s reviews, I was honestly surprised to find negative opinions of “The Three Doctors”. I can understand fans having issues with “The Web Planet” or “The Underwater Menace” for example, both stories I happen to

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“Compared to the forces you people have unleashed, an atomic blast would be like a summer breeze!” The threat of doom and world-ending catastrophe pervades “Inferno”, the final story of season seven. This is my second favorite serial of the

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Spearhead From Space

“Spearhead From Space” has to be one of the biggest culture shocks in the show’s history. Everything we knew about the show has changed. New title sequence. Color instead of black and white. No central cast carryovers. Nothing familiar to

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Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Once again, on viewing a story for the first time in years, I find that my opinion of it has changed drastically. Yes, the dinosaurs are poor, especially the tyrannosaurus, which goes beyond poor to downright awful. But to my

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The Monster of Peladon

Deja Vu. That’s the feeling I get while watching “The Monster of Peladon”. It’s hardly a bad story. In fact, it’s quite nice to see the Doctor deliberately pay a return visit to a planet he remembers fondly, and which

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The Time Monster

I’ve reached “The Time Monster” in my ongoing Doctor Who marathon. Another “turkey”, so-called. We’ll see. This will be only the third time I’ve seen this story as far as I can remember. I saw it on PBS years ago,

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The Daemons

“The Daemons” is the weak link in an otherwise strong second season for Pertwee. I’ve heard that this story was Jon Pertwee’s favorite, and I remember really liking the story back when I read the Target novel. But I’ve found

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