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The Seeds of Death

I am frequently surprised by just how much a good, clear, viewable copy of a story changes my opinion of it. “The Seeds of Death” is a prime example of that. For years, the only copy I had of this

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The Moonbase

“The Moonbase” was the first Target novel I remember reading back in the day. The book was actually titled “Doctor Who and the Cybermen”, which led me to believe at the time that it was the first story to feature

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The Underwater Menace

“The Underwater Menace” is very odd. It’s often characterized as a poor story, which I suppose it is in any objective sense. However, I’m rarely objective when it comes to Doctor Who and I find that I’m inclined to be

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The Highlanders

“The Highlanders” is the last of the historicals, and it follows the pattern set by “The Smugglers”. It takes place in the relatively recent past, is set near England, and features no famous historical figures though a few are name-dropped.

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The Three Doctors

When I first discovered Outpost Gallifrey’s reviews, I was honestly surprised to find negative opinions of “The Three Doctors”. I can understand fans having issues with “The Web Planet” or “The Underwater Menace” for example, both stories I happen to

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The Space Pirates

Conventional wisdom holds that the Space Pirates is long and dull, and an aberration in the otherwise stellar record of Doctor Who writer/script editor Robert Holmes. And for the longest time I believed that. The single surviving episode as released

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The Power of the Daleks

“The Power of the Daleks” is easily one of the better Dalek stories, both in terms of plot and characterization. I recently listened to the BBC audio with Anneke Wills providing narration where needed to cover the missing visuals. I’ve

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The Two Doctors

I used to enjoy this story far more than I do now. I still enjoy most of it, and it certainly contains an interesting plot, but the black humor and gruesome subject matter detract from an otherwise reasonably good storyline and make portions of the story simply uncomfortable to watch.

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