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The Celestial Toymaker

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if the Doctor encountered Q from Star Trek: the Next Generation? Or maybe that should be reversed. What would happen in Captain Picard met the Celestial Toymaker? After all, the Toymaker

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The Rescue

“The Rescue” gives the audience a chance to breathe after the expansive, Earth-encompassing storyline of the previous Dalek serial. And Susan is replaced by new traveling companion Vicki, an orphan from five centuries in the future.

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The Dalek Master Plan

I love “The Daleks’ Master Plan”, and wish I could watch the entire twelve episodes. The quality varies from episode to episode, and yet the story as a whole hangs together and feels like an epic struggle between the Doctor

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The Tenth Planet

I wasn’t sure exactly how to begin reviewing this particular story. In my start to finish Doctor Who marathon I’ve finally reached the final tale in William Hartnell’s era of the show, and it’s strange to think that in four

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The Dalek Invasion of Earth

There is a big shift in tone from the light and imaginative “Planet of Giants” to the grimness that pervades “The Dalek Invasion of Earth”. I really do enjoy this story. The horrible circumstances the TARDIS crew find on 22nd

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Planet of Giants

This is a fun little story. The basic plot about a ruthless businessman who commits crimes to protect his profits isn’t terribly engaging, but the twist of having the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan at an inch tall is. It’s

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The Keys of Marinus

“The Keys of Marinus” presents us with a classic story that almost matches the new series format all by itself. By which I mean that you have a number of individually titled, self-contained episodes that are part of a larger

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The Smugglers

“The Smugglers” is written very much in the same vein as stories like “Treasure Island”. We have many of the staple ingredients present and accounted for: pirates, buried treasure, tales of a curse, secret passages, the small provincial village and

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The Three Doctors

When I first discovered Outpost Gallifrey’s reviews, I was honestly surprised to find negative opinions of “The Three Doctors”. I can understand fans having issues with “The Web Planet” or “The Underwater Menace” for example, both stories I happen to

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The War Machines

“The War Machines” is a very atypical Hartnell story, to say the least. With no companions except Dodo, and with the first Doctor in a contemporary setting, this really does feel like something new, concluding the story variety of season

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