3rd Doctor

Third Doctor – Jon Pertwee
Season Seven – 1970

Colour production begins.

* Spearhead from Space
* Doctor Who and the Silurians
* The Ambassadors of Death
* Inferno

Season Eight – 1971

* Terror of the Autons
* The Mind of Evil
* The Claws of Axos
* Colony in Space
* The Dæmons

Season Nine – 1972

* Day of the Daleks
* The Curse of Peladon
* The Sea Devils
* The Mutants
* The Time Monster

Season Ten – 1972-73

* The Three Doctors
* Carnival of Monsters
* Frontier in Space
* Planet of the Daleks
* The Green Death

Season Eleven – 1973-74

* The Time Warrior
* Invasion of the Dinosaurs
* Death to the Daleks
* The Monster of Peladon
* Planet of the Spiders


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