Time Crash

The first multi-Doctor story of the new series is short and sweet, and a lot of fun. Set in the final minutes of “The Last of the Time Lords” between Martha’s departure and the Titanic crashing through the wall of the TARDIS, it sees Peter Davison return as the fifth Doctor opposite incumbent David Tennant. As might be expected from a 8 minute sketch, it’s light on plot and long on witty dialogue as the two Doctors banter back and forth.

Davison reprises the role with ease, and the hook for the episode is that he doesn’t believe the tenth Doctor is who he says he is at first. Ten comments on Five’s older appearance, the “crickety cricket stuff” and the celery, mocking the man who “wears a vegetable on his lapel”. The episode really has to be seen to be appreciated. The dialogue is great, and the two actors pull it off beautifully. The plot, such as it is, concerns a massive crisis that will be perpetrated on the universe thanks to the two TARDISes being in the same place at the same time, a threat the tenth Doctor averts with some fancy flying only because he remembers seeing himself do it when he was the fifth. Heh.

I love it. Like most multi-Doctor stories, it’s pure nostalgia, but at 8 minutes long “Time Crash” is able to have a little fun with the concept and move on. Great stuff.

Posted in 10th Doctor - David Tennant, 5th Doctor - Peter Davison

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